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Vehicle Development: Reimagined.

Motionboard® is a revolutionary, modular electric vehicle platform. Available today, enabling tomorrow.

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The All in One Vehicle Platform

Full Control from day one.

Motionboard® was designed and manufactured from ground up to enable full control over all vehicle components. A simple interface allows to interconnect software with the existing hardware. All with the goal to speed up your development process. What will you create?

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Testing Platforms

Use HFM Motionboard® to test hardware components or software algorithms for autonomous driving.

Automation Projects

HFM Motionboard® is a great electric platform to start your autonomous driving application upon.

People Mover

Start your People Mover Development Project on a road legal, fully controllable platform.

Cargo Mover

With a possible legal payload of up to 2,5t, Motionboard® is ready to serve as a cargo mover.

Air Suspension

Air suspension in the front and rear allows for the adjustment of the ride height.

Powerful electric motors

Motionboard® incorporates powerful Elaphe in-wheel motors in the rear with up to 1500Nm of torque.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

With 20 kWh of Li-Ion batteries, Motionboard® has a range of 150km or 10 hours of operation.


Safe and ready for automation – redundant and road legal drive by wire system.







Design Freedom

No Suspension Domes or other Limitations means complete design freedom.

Complete Design Freedom

We did the engineering, so you can focus on your design.


Fast forward your engineering process.

Skip the engineering phase and go straight into product Design. With Motionboard®, your road-legal vehicle is closer than ever.

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